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Statistics and public opinion are clear that the majority of people who use escalators, do not hold onto the rail because of the uncertainty of bacteria and infection. Escalator handrails are easily prone to these elements and even more so, where there is a mass of public gathering at airports, shopping malls, metro stations, large buildings etc. The surface of the handrail is a hotbed of various bacteria and amongst the germiest of anything the public can touch.

Our device utilizes a process to eliminate 99.99% of Coronavirus and other harmful germs on handrails through Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) blocking any sources of infection from spreading. While the escalator handrail is moving the UV-C germicidal lamp sanitizes various types of bacteria that inhibit the handrail.

ClearwinUAE® are the sole and exclusive Representative and Distributor for the Clearwin Escalator Handrail Sterilizer System in the United Arab Emirates, and whose focus through this innovation, provides immense hygienic benefits to the public and environment in the UAE that utilize escalators in a routinely, daily function.

Helping Sanitize the UAE - This is not for choice, it’s essential!

The Inspiration Behind Clearwin

When Kim Kyeong Yeon's 13-year-old daughter fell and injured herself on an escalator, she set in train events that years later might prevent millions of people around the world from contracting Covid-19.







Our Mission

To provide best-in-class technologically advanced products that enhance life, doing so with integrity and absolute care for client satisfaction.




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